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Though the most common way donors support Maclay School is through cash donations, other creative giving plans, such as estate planning, retirement plans, and gifts of stock offer additional benefits that will be meaningful to Maclay School as an institution for years to come while helping meet a donor’s estate planning and financial goals.

Gifts by Will
A bequest is a provision in a last will and testament where a contribution or property is transferred from the estate to a charitable organization.  

Appreciated Securities
The most common type of security donated to Maclay School is stock.  To transfer stock to Maclay, please contact the Maclay Advancement Office at (850)893-8465, or you may use the following stock transfer information:  Morgan Stanley, account #531032326, DTC#: 0015.  For more information contact Dan Murphy at 422-8700.  The tax deduction credit is valued at the mean (average) of the high and low quotes for sale on the day of the contribution.  

Gifts of Life Insurance
The gift of life insurance is another way to facilitate a planned gift to Maclay School.  In this process, the school becomes the owner and beneficiary of the policy.  You may make the school the beneficiary of the policy if the policy is an existing paid-up life insurance policy, an existing policy on which you are still making payments, or a new policy that you purchase.

Gifts of Retirement Plans
A beneficiary designation form or online designation is generally what is required to include the school in your estate plans utilizing one or more of your retirement accounts.  

Charitable Trusts
Charitable Trusts are mutually beneficial for both the donor and the charitable organization. By creating a unitrust or annuity trust the donor receives an income during their lifetime. By transferring a portion of assets to a charitable organization, the donor may reduce their overall estate and consequently reduce capital gains taxes on the assets while establishing a regular stream of income. 

It is important to seek advice from your legal and financial advisors when pursuing any of these planned giving options.  Charitable gifts to Maclay School are tax deductible as allowable by law

The Maclay Advancement Office welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your long-term giving priorities and how they can make the most impact on the school’s needs in the way you envision.  Please contact the Maclay Advancement office at (850) 893-8465 for more information.