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A Night to Be Inspired ~ Menu and Wine List

Dinner Menu & Vegetarian Preference:
The evening’s meal will be catered by Social Catering. If you would like to request the vegetarian entrée option, please do so by April 4th at this link.  


If you would like to purchase fine wine or champagne to enjoy at your table (or send to someone else's table) during the evening, please email Carri Lauder at .

View the online catalog here

Band Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Martin &

 Kara Hackney

Bourbon Bar

Dr. & Mrs. William Dobak

Hospitality Sponsor

Volunteer Sponsor


Tim & Meredith Stanfield


Dr. Albert & Mrs. Tiffany Lee

After Party Snack Sponsor

The Trust Sponsors


Lawton & Beth Langford
Heather & Jake Brown, Sallie & Brian Crumbaker & Erika & Brian Snow
The Farber Family
The Howard Family
Mr. Manuel & Mrs. Gabriela Arisso, Dr. Dave & Mrs. Arahi Vegas, Dr. Winston Ortiz & Ms. Denise Hernandez and Mr. Nathan Ray & Ms. Monica Rodriguez
Chip & Susan Johnson