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Learning First Hand

The Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Teen Volunteer Program is an intensive three-week all-day program for rising juniors and seniors interested in pursuing medicine. This year, fellow Maclay students Isabella Choice, Rachel Abbott, and I participated in the program. I am interested in going into the medical field, so I thought it would be good exposure to what it would be like. The application process included writing an essay about why I wanted to participate in the program. About half of the applicants were selected to move forward with the interview portion, and then 30 are accepted into the program.

Once I got into the program, our first day was an overview where we learned about what to do in certain situations. The next day we were put in our first units. I had the cancer unit in the morning and then the surgical recovery in the afternoons. Over the three weeks, I also went to animal therapy, the orthopedic unit, respiratory, and neurology.

Each day during our lunch break, we had a different speaker come and talk about their area of expertise. We got to get a glimpse into the life of an animal therapist, a family physician, a pharmacist, and many more. The program exposed me to a wide range of medical scenarios … including death. It probably doesn’t get any more real than that.

The TMH Teen volunteer program was a wonderful opportunity for hands-on experience and a chance for me to see a real medical world in action. It also confirmed that I want to continue to pursue my passion in the medical field.

Britton Robinson is a rising Junior at Maclay School.