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Maclay Students Launch Esports Team


Last year, Maclay welcomed a new sport to their list of teams called E-Sports, an upcoming nationally competitive online video gaming team.  The mission of esports is to provide an organized high school level league, in a comfortable environment with healthy competition while connecting high school gamers and clubs across the country. This challenging sport was first brought to Maclay by senior, Jack Murrah. “My friend at JPII was a part of a competitive online video gaming team at his school and I just really wanted to give it a try and see if I could beat him.”  


Murrah and Upper School science and math teacher, Dr. William Perry, joined forces to create a team of students interested in competing with schools from all over the United States. Perry handles the administrative side of the sport by making sure that everything is appropriately registered as well as communicating with the captains of each team.  


About a dozen team members play opponents in states as far as Texas, Michigan, and New York, and compete in games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, and Siege. Each team, depending on the size, will either play on Monday, Tuesday or Friday. Students will play individually or in a team of six. The team captain is in charge of coordinating competition times with students from other high schools.


The E-sports team members dedicate a large portion of their time to practicing video games and competing in two-hour competitions once a week. Even though it is new to the sports line-up at Maclay, the team is currently ranked fourth in the East.   Students can compete for scholarships which are awarded at the end of each season and also have an opportunity to advance and represent Maclay at national competition later this year. 


-Madison Manley is an FSU Senior and intern in the Maclay Communications Office