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Maclay Students to Showcase Polo Skills at Sunday’s Polo Under the Oaks


Maclay School’s 3rd annual Polo Under the Oaks will be taking place at Ten Oaks Farm in Monticello this Sunday. The day will be jam-packed with new events, family fun, and an exciting Polo tournament.

Playing along with professional and recreational players will be three Maclay students:  9th grader, Ian Campbell, and 11th graders, Pippa Campbell and Jillian Beck. This will be their second year participating in the tournament.

“I was really nervous last year, but it was actually so much fun,” Pippa Campbell. The three Upper School students have been connected through the sport of Polo for nearly five years now. Though they have been riding their entire lives, the love of the sport of polo came from watching their family members play.  The Campbell sibling’s father, Stuart, is a professional polo player and spends a lot of time on the road often in the Sarasota area. 

This past spring, Ian was selected to represent the Southeast in the National Polo Youth Series.  Jillian’s older brother also struck up a passion for Polo a few years ago and Jillian herself spends time in South Florida competing along with her mother, Kelly.

The three are looking forward to regional and international players arriving this weekend including special guest polo player and tv personality John Walsh, from American’s Most Wanted. Walsh along with his family also play polo primarily in South Florida but he occasional participates in fundraisers such as Polo Under the Oaks.

A few tailgate spots and VIP tickets remain for Sunday’s family-friendly event and can be purchased at


Madison Manley is an FSU student interning in the Communications Office at Maclay School.