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SAT Prep

SAT review, based on the SAT test date – March 12 .  Five Sessions 80 minutes.  $150

Students must be in Algebra 2 or higher math.


March 1, Tuesday, Flex, D3 with Mr. Gussaroff 
Fundamental number sense skills, including: 
Fractions, decimals, percentages, and ratios 
Rules of exponents and radicals 
Variable manipulation 

March 3, Thursday, Flex, D3 with Mr. Gussaroff 
Linear relationships and polynomial expressions, including: 
Determining key values for the equation of a line 
Analyzing relevant graphs and complex word problems 
Relating factors, roots, equations, and graphs of polynomials 
Particular attention will be given to the way in which the SAT assesses these important relationships 
Complex numbers (just the basics) 

March 7, Monday, Flex, D3 with Mr. Gussaroff 
Systems of equations and rational expressions, including: 
Quadratic and linear interactions 
Systems of linear equations and the unique ways in which the SAT assesses this concept 
Analysis of rational functions (asymptotes and holes) 
Combining rational expressions (finding common denominators and simplifying) 

March 9, Wednesday, Flex, C4 with Mr. Gussaroff
Geometric and trigonometric skills, including: 
Interactions with circles and right triangles (the primary geometry skill the SAT assesses) 
Special right triangles 
Basic trigonometric relationships (sine, cosine, tangent) 

March 11, Friday, Flex C4 with Mrs. Fantle
Reading section and writing/language section fundamentals, including: 
Analyzing only the portions of the reading passages required to answer questions 
Pulling relevant information from simple graphs 
Fundamentals of tense, sentence structure, and use of context clues to assess meaning