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2023 Yearbook Application


Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Please include zip code
Parent(s) Name(s):required
First Name
Last Name
Please list the courses that you took this year and include the teacher's names

Semester 1 Classes

Semester 2 Classes
How would you rate your computer skills?
There is a journalism workshop conducted by Balfour Publishing Company in Daytona Beach, FL June 21-23. The school pays for registration, room and board. It is an opportunity to learn new skills and to begin working on the 2023 yearbook. Students will travel by car with an adult chaperone.
Please indicate whether you would be able to attend:

NOTE: If you plan to be a photographer, you must have access to a camera and you must submit a portfolio by April 29. There is a portfolio assignment sheet available at See Mrs. Mayer for more information.


Please read and answer that you have read and understood the following OR you can print this portion, sign it and turn it in. A parent must also sign or indicate that he/she has read it

I understand that as a journalism student and a Marauder staff member, I will be responsible for representing Maclay School in a respectful manner. In addition to the customary responsibilities of a journalism student, I will be expected to sell ads, run errands, and attend after school activities related to the publication of the yearbook.I hereby freely volunteer my enthusiastic support and participation. Should I, at any time, deviate from any of the above-mentioned responsibilities, I give up my right as a participating staff member.


In addition to the information provided above, please note that the yearbook journalism class is just like any other academic class. Students, in order to meet deadlines, will need to complete homework after school, during lunch or a study hall. They may also be asked to leave campus to run errands. These errands often include selling ads, picking up art, copy and photos for ads, or running to the photo lab. At times, I will give students permission to pick up breakfast, or lunch for the staff, run home to pick up a forgotten homework assignment, or to run an errand for a class assignment.


Please indicate below the appropriate response to whether or not you do or don’t have any objections to my giving permission to your teenager to go off-campus for any of these errands/reasons.
If you are a returning staff member, and you would like an editor’s position, please let me know what position you would like and why. If you do not want an editorial position, tell me on what section you would like to work. There are job descriptions for these positions in your staff manual.
Yearbook Positions: