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(B DAY) TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2023 

The Annual End of Year Course surveys are in your email. Students, please complete a survey for EACH of your courses TODAY.

Students, are you looking for volunteer hours or do you want to gain work experience volunteering in a fun professional environment? MoLab is still accepting volunteers to participate in the Counselors-In-Training program. Contact Mrs. Bas if interested.

Students, remember to meet with your college counselor regarding your schedule for next year. Also, remember to turn in your course request forms ASAP! Seniors, update your college decisions and scholarships on Maia Learning!

If you are looking to add service hours to your resume this summer and want to do so in a fun environment, join Mrs. Fantle and other Upper School students in All Hands In Service Camp the week of June 5th. Go to to sign up!  




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