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Beginning in 6th grade, students are required to have a laptop computer to use at school.
Students, teachers and parents will also be using the Schoology Learning Management System.  Schoology will be a web portal where class materials, homework, and discussions can take place.
In addition to Schoology parents and students will continue to have access to the PowerSchool Grade portal.  The PowerSchool portal contains grades, attendance, and student forms.  These include parent change of address or contact info, re-enrollment contracts, online clinic card forms and more.
Maclay School provides a Microsoft Office 365 license for all students.  This includes their school email, cloud storage for school files, and access to the Microsoft apps online.  Each student is also licensed to download and install the full Microsoft Office Professional suite of programs on their personal devices.  This means there is no need to purchase Office separately. 

6th - 12th Grade Device

4th and 5th Grade Device