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Middle School Announcements


Today is an “B” Day

Early Release Day

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.


CONGRATULATIONS!! Sophia Fasig. Sophia placed 1st in the 2020 Winter Festival Youth Art exhibit!

The winners of our NOTE TAKING TIP ADVISORY CHALLENGE - all the submissions were fantastic, so thank you everyone for participating and doing such a great job! the top tips are:

Perry's Rainbow Breadsticks - Be organized and find the style that works best for you

Paul's Little Rascals - Number and label your notes with Headings and Subheadings, using color highlights and bullet points

Herzog's MuppetsMake the notes look pretty and inviting and organized so you will want to use them - include doodles 

Teachers, please check students’ Dress Code, this includes face coverings and take attendance.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! 

Midterm Exam Schedule 

Exam Study Schedule and Tips


Students, remember to:

  • Bring a water bottle with you to school everyday.
  • Check-in with the MS office if you arrive late for school.  If you do not check-in before heading to class, you will be marked absent.
  • Be sure to put all of your trash from break and lunch in the trash bins place throughout the Middle School campus.  Please help us keep our MS campus clean at all times.

All students, faculty and staff, and campus visitors must wear a face covering at All times, when you go outside for a break step away from everyone and pull your mask down for one (1) min. and then return it to the covering position.  Approved masks include two-layer 100% cotton weave or three-layered disposable masks. Neck gaiters are not approved as face coverings. Gaiters/Buffs: Most Gaiters/buffs are made of material that allows for stretch. Knit materials are not adequate in reducing the transmission of airborne particles. Single layer gaiters/buffs are not effective in reducing transmission is particles. All face coverings must be at least two layers and fit to cover the nose and mouth appropriately.  If a buff/gaiter has a suitable double layered weave material that cover the nose and mouth and extends under the chin with the stretch material around the back of the head, it will acceptable.

Your teachers will remind you that when you use the restroom, there are to be only two at a time. If you see there are two, please wait outside of the restroom. 

When it is time for dismissal, we will line up as follows: 6th grade stands on the left side of the front of LS, 7th grade stands on the right side of the front of LS, 8th grade stands on the left side of the front of MS blue awning, and MS students who have siblings in LS will stand toward the end of the MS blue awning. 

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