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Marauder Meals will be transitioning to the ordering and payment through the FACTS Family Portal.  More instructions will be posted how ordering and billing will be done through your FACTS account.

Marauder Meals offers five different meal combos to choose from:

1. Which Wich 7” Turkey and cheese OR Ham and cheese sub with lettuce and tomato served with fresh cut fruit salad or chips and a beverage $7.00
2. Gluten Free Wrap Combo- Ham or Turkey with cheese, lettuce, and tomato with chips and a beverage. $7.00
3. Chicken Sandwich served with fresh cut fruit salad and chips with a beverage.   $6.50
4. Marco’s Cheese Pizza combo served with fresh cut fruit salad or chips with a beverage. Single slice combo    $5.50 Two slice combo  $7.50
5. Daily Special: This will change daily be freshly prepared in the kitchen served with two sides and a beverage. LS  $5.00 MS/US  $6.00

Please feel free to email any comments or questions you may have to