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With the implementation of FACTS SIS, lunch will now be billed to your FACTS Student Billing account. Jim and Marauder Meals will use the FACTS system to record any lunch purchases made by your child. The monthly menu can be viewed below.  Each month, Brooke Bolyard in the Business Office will bill your account for the previous month's purchases. Billing will occur one month and due by the 10th (for example, August purchases will be billed in September.)

If you have a credit balance with Marauder Meals from the previous year, we are working to get these credit balances posted to your FACTS Student Billing account. We hope to have them all posted by September. Last year's 'My School Account' system is no longer used.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jim Spear with Marauder Meals at or Jennifer Wyly with the Business Office at And if you have not yet set up your FACTS Family Portal where you can see the student billing, you can find the instructions at