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In order to safely and quickly serve students while maintaining distancing guidelines, all lunches will be pre-ordered and packed to go for pick-up. All pre-ordering will be done through the website or app. As part of adding the pre-ordering software, all student accounts will update in real time. Same day orders end at 8:30am to allow preparation of food safely and quickly.

Marauder Meals will be offering four different meal combos to choose from with plans to expand once school starts:

1. Which Wich 7” Turkey and cheese sub with lettuce and tomato served with fresh cut fruit salad or chips and a beverage $7.00
2. Chicken Sandwich served with fresh cut fruit salad and chips with a beverage.   $6.50
3. Marco’s Cheese Pizza combo served with fresh cut fruit salad or chips with a beverage. Single slice combo    $5.50 Two slice combo  $7.50
4. Daily Special: This will change daily be freshly prepared in the kitchen served with two sides and a beverage. LS  $5.00 MS/US  $6.00

Please feel free to email any comments or questions you may have to