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The Maclay Guidance Department serves as support for our students and parent community.  Whether it's programs in the classroom, the Parent Education Series, or one-on-one support, we strive to keep all our students healthy and strong mentally, socially, and physically.

Welcome to the Maclay Guidance Department! Our purpose is to encourage our students, staff, and parents to engage in activities that promote well-being, a healthy school outlook, and social/emotional growth. If you feel your child could benefit from a guidance conversation, please feel free to complete the referral form below (Request a Conversation) or email us directly at

We invite you to learn about our One School Guidance Initiative, “Guide Your Green Brain.” This initiative was created out of the need to address heightened stress and anxiety levels in our student population. We wanted to give them a simple framework for recognizing, regulating and reframing their thoughts and emotions. “Guide Your Green Brain” allows the development of a common, Pre-K through Grade 12, language. Click on the button below for a detailed explanation of the Green Brain/Red Brain concepts.

Meet our Guidance Team

Tammy Eubanks

Tammy Eubanks

Upper School Guidance
Jayme McIntyre

Jayme McIntyre

Middle School Guidance
Jeff Van Syckle

Jeff Van Syckle

Lower School Guidance Counselor