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    As you ramble on through life,
        whatever be your goal,
            keep your eye upon the doughnut
                  and not upon the hole.
                  Be Optimistic!

                                       --Chuck Stickle

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    Contact Information:   ldonalds@maclay.org   

    Division / Subject:      Introduction to Psychology (Fall Semester)
                                        Abnormal Psychology (Spring Semester)
                                        Advanced Placement Psychology (Year)
                                        Sociology (Fall and Spring Semesters)
                                        Legal Issues (Fall and Spring Semesters)

    Teaching                      Maclay School, 2010 - present
    Experience:                  Chiles High School, 2010
                                         Florida State University, 2009
    Education:                    Florida State University, M.A. in Education
                                         Florida Atlantic University, B.S. in Political Science/History
    Coaching/Sponsor:      Best and Brightest Coordinator
                                         Junior/Senior Prom Sponsor
                                         College Advisor