• Sra. Moody
     2015-2016 should be an exciting time for my Spanish students.

    I am looking forward to a wonderful year and I hope all of my students  learn to love the language, the people and gain a better understanding of the culture from a variety of Spanish speaking countries.
    We are always busy in my class and have fun while we include the 5 C's of language acquisition: communication, culture, connections, comparisons, communities.
    This year I will be teaching Honors Spanish 2. A, C, F and G blocks
    Spanish Honor Society will meet the 4th Tuesday of each month.
    Feel free to come for a visit.
    Hasta la vista.
    Kathy LaBarbera Moody


    Some information about me:
    Contact Information
    Phone:  850-893-2138
    Best times to reach me :B, C or D blocks or after school.  Class Schedule
    Division / Subject
    Upper School
    Honors Spanish 2
    Coaching Duties World Language Department Chairperson
    Other Duties Spanish Honor Society
    Teaching Experience
     Maclay 1970 - 78
     Maclay 1983 - Present
    FSU - MA 1972 - Foreign Language Education
    FSU - BA 1970 - Spanish