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    8th Grade Science


    Weekly Plans 8th Grade Science

    April 4 – April 8

    First of all, I want to thank every student that stepped in and helped last week.  It was greatly appreciated. All of you were flexible with the change in plans.  I appreciate that all of you tried to complete the fossil fuels unit.  Thank You.

    We will most likely be out of the science classroom again that week.  Lab 5.4 will be completed once we return to the science lab.  Section 5.5 will be skipped.  I plan on completing lab 5.6 along with a fun hands-on activity this week.

    Since we do not have a homework board at this time use the information below as your homework board.  Remember to check schoology as well.  I will keep it updated as well as make announcements during class if the plans change.  Let’s have another good week, some of these activities are a lot of fun!

    Come PREPARED to class daily.  Come to class with your science binder, paper, pencil, and homework every day!  I do not have extra pencils, paper, etc as we rotate between classrooms.  We will rotate to the same classrooms as last week unless told otherwise (1st period – Resource Room, 2nd period – Perry, 3rd period – Perry, 5th period – Hendrix, 6th period – Combs).    I will be deducting participation points if you do not come to class prepared.  Since you do not have your lab folders keep lab 5.1 in your binder until we return to the lab.

    Quiz 5.1-5.3 on Tuesday: Study lab 5.1, two 5.1 worksheets, 5.1 distillation curve quiz, fossil fuel notes and worksheet


    Homework and Class Plans:


    During Class


    Due Today

    Monday 4/4

    Correct Fossil Fuel Handout

    Return Lab 5.1

    Correct HDL 1-9

    Fossil Fuel Notes

    Study 5.1-5.3 Quiz Tomorrow

    Science Fair Proposal

    Tuesday 4/5

    20 min class periods

    5.1-5.3 Quiz Today

    Read 5.6


    Quiz Today

    Wednesday 4/6

    Lab 5.6- Chromatography

    Work on 5.6 Write-Up


    Thursday 4/7

    Complete 5.6 in class

    Turn in write-up during class

    Begin Kite Activity

    more information to follow J


    5.6 During Class

    Friday 4/8



    Read Lab 5.4


    ** We will be working on hands-on activity on Thursday and Friday unless we have returned to the science classroom by that time. 

    Science Expo tab on left has been updated
    Check Schoology For Homework, Quiz, and Test Dates 
     Please remember the homework and plans that are listed below are a prediction of how much will be completed in class on a daily basis. Due to the nature of the class, labs can go over the time scheduled. Some classes might make adjustments in the schedules that other classes don't make.  Any changes will be announced during class and will be posted immediately  on the homework board.  Changes will be made on the webpage by the end of the school day.  Check the homework board and webpage daily.  Schoology should be used as backup to their assignment book.  All middle school students are encouraged to use an assignment book!

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