Driving and Parking on Campus

  • Driving On Campus

    Officer Todd Ford and Officer Willie Mitchell are our security team on campus from 7:30am-3:30pm each school day.

    Guests must enter through the Welcome Center located at the Maclay Road entrance during school hours.

    Car Tags for rearview mirrors are issued to parents, students, faculty, and staff.  If you have lost your tag, please see Cristy in the Front Office.

    All other visitors will have their driver’s license screened upon entry through a national criminal history check before a visitor pass is given.

    Meridian Road Gate is open for morning drop-off only between 7:30am-8:15 am

    Lower and Middle School pick-up lines will begin at the Maclay Road entrance, move around the Junior Parking Lot and proceed to the two-lane pickup line by Cartee.

    Parking on Campus

    Upper School students who wish to drive on campus must properly resigister here and turn in form to Officer Ford.

    Security on Campus

    Exterior doors to Lower School, Cartee, and Dining Hall will be locked at 8:15 am. All guests and students arriving after that time but go through the Division Office for a pass.

    Over 100 security cameras have been placed around campus.

    Maglocks are on most exterior doors and can be controlled remotely in the event of a lockdown.

    Gatehouse:  The gatehouse at the Maclay Road entrance is monitored during school hours. The gate mechanism itself closes after every car proceeds through the gate, so please do not rush through the gate if the person in front of you is waved through.   We ask that each car stop and tell us where you are headed on campus.  We will wave you through by hand if it is safe to go.

    Speed on Campus:  The speed limit is 15 MPH around the campus.  For those parents with children that drive on campus, please be vigilant to remind them to watch their speeds too.  

    Cell Phones:  Please remind all your family members that your safe arrival from your travels is most important, and that the texts and calls can wait. Please be alert for pedestrian traffic on campus and refrain from using cell phones while driving.