Moving Maclay Forward

  • Maclay is moving forward.  Whether it's new innovative programs in the classroom, creating new outdoor spaces for student collaboration, improving basic facilities, or offering new training for faculty, we are strategically and ambitously looking to improve the educational experience for our students.  Capital projects are smaller, short term projects that once fully funded, can be completed in a fairly quick time frame.  
    Recent Capital Projects include:
    Lower School Playground
    Middle School Courtyard
    Upper School Courtyard
    Perimeter Road Improvements
    Re-sod of Soccer Practice Field
    Science Building Roof, Ventalation, and Improvements
    Cartee Gym Restrooms
    Dining Hall Restrooms
    Science Building Restroom
    Athletics Hall of Fame Wall
    Lighting of the Oak Tree
    Senior Shack Deck
    Picnic Tables, Umbrellas and Trash Receptacles
    Pool Bulk Head