Service Learning

  • mls Maclay School strongly believes that service to others is an important part of our mission of “enabling each student to develop inherent ability to the fullest extent.” We believe that service should be focused on hands-on experiences that connect our students personally with those they are serving.  Our One School One Community philosophy is that the idea of service is introduced as early as Pre-K and grows each year to help our students understand and appreciate what it means to be a good citizen in our community and to Learn Serve Grow.

    The Maclay Service Learning Program coordinates curricular and extra-curricular initiatives that are relevant and meaningful to our community. We seek to guide our students and graduates to serve with their hands, not simply as a funnel for funds. As a result, students come away with a deep sense of responsibility to lead through service to others.

    Students participate in individual and group volunteer service projects including, but not limited to, food and resource drives, on-site volunteer work, and student-sponsored and organized fundraisers.  The Service Learning program focuses on these areas:

    • Directory of Service Opportunities: MSL provides a directory of community partners where our students can volunteer either on a one-time basis or a regular schedule.
    • Projects and Events: MSL offers opportunities for service at special projects such as food drives, monthly serving at the shelter, etc.
    • Curriculum-Based Service: Each grade beginning in 1st thru 8th has a service topic or area that is co-taught through the curriculum. 
    • Day of Service: One School One Community “All Hands In” program.  Our students learn service and citizenship through special assemblies and then have an opportunity to put character in action by participating in a school-wide service day held during the spring.

Objectives of MSL

  • The objectives of the Service Learning Program at Maclay is to provide students with the following:
    • Discovery of Passion: Through exposure, we want students to discover what is important to them and be able to direct and develop that passion into a program or project where they make meaningful change.
    • Discovery of Self: Projects and service are great opportunities to find out who they are and unveil leadership skills to make a difference in their community locally, regionally, and globally.
    • Discovery of New Skills: To provide students skills, knowledge, and confidence to go out in the community and take the reins to create change and make the world better.
    • Discovery of Process: To help students understand the process of creating change by fostering long-term partnerships to create sustainable change.

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • US students needed to tutor MS students in various subjects after school. Please contact Mrs. Shana McComb at or Mrs. Janine Couch at . 

    St. Frances Wildlife Association: High school students are needed to do laundry and clean the kennels on the back porch. They must be accompanied by someone who is 18 or older. Please call 850-627-4151. (Open 8:30-5:00.).