Maclay Connects

    mc Institutions that find sustained greatness through generations are those that place value in the connections they make and then transfer that value on to their graduates.  Maclay offers this exceptional value through connections with alumni and the Tallahassee community.  All Maclay families can benefit from the connection via the alumni office where they can receive the access and knowledge from anyone in the extended Maclay network. 
    In addition, this spring we will begin to implement the Maclay Interview Series for juniors and next year, our juniors and sophomores.  By utilizing the Maclay alumni in our community who work in various professions, we will begin preparing our students for future scholarship, college, and eventually job interviews with actual interview days that provide instruction, practice, and feedback. 
    Maclay School continues to strive to build a network students and alumni who can connect by mentoring and sharing experiences about colleges, careers and more. Please update your contact information on our website so we can connect with you!
    If you are a member of the Maclay Community and would like to connect with a fellow alumni, please make sure you are signed into the website and click here