Planned Giving

  • What it means to Maclay School

    Planned giving is a way of making a valuable contribution to Maclay School. By including Maclay in your estate planning, your gift has a long-lasting impact on the school.

    How to make a legacy donation to Maclay School

    It’s easy. Decide what kind of legacy you would like to leave and complete the attached Charitable Bequest Intent form indicating your choice.

    What Planned Giving options are available in donating to Maclay?

    Some examples of common planned gifts are below.  We do, however, realize that everyone's financial circumstances are unique and are happy to discuss your wishes on a confidential basis.

    • Bequest in your Will or Living Trust

    A bequest is a provision in one’s last will and testament where a gift or property is transferred from an estate to a charitable organization. It is one of the simplest ways to remember those you care about most.

    • Appreciated Securities

    The most common type of security used to donate to Maclay School is stock. To transfer stock to Maclay, use Morgan Stanley account #: 531032326, DTC#: 0015. For more information, contact Dan Murphy at 422-8700 or the Maclay Advancement Office at 893-8465. Tax deduction credit is valued at the mean (average) of the high and low quotes for sale on the day of the gift. Consult your attorney or financial advisor or contact the Advancement Office. 

    • Life Insurance

    The gift of life insurance is a sensible, generous way of giving to Maclay School. To qualify, Maclay needs to become the owner and beneficiary of the policy. There are several ways that you can structure a gift of life insurance to Maclay School. You may make the school the owner and beneficiary of

    An existing paid-up life insurance policy

    An existing policy on which you are still making payments

    A new policy that you purchase

    • Retirement Accounts

    Naming Maclay School as a primary or contingent beneficiary on a retirement account is an easy way to make a planned gift to the school.  A simple beneficiary designation form or online designation is generally all it takes to include the school in your estate plans utilizing one or more of your retirement accounts.  Consult your attorney or financial advisor or contact the Advancement Office.

    • Charitable Trusts

    Charitable Trusts are mutually beneficial for both you and the school. By creating a unitrust or annuity trust you receive an income during your lifetime. By transferring a portion of your assets to a charitable organization, you may reduce your estate and consequently reduce your capital gains taxes on the assets while establishing a regular stream of income paid to you. Consult your attorney or financial advisor and contact the Advancement Office.

    It is important to seek advice from your legal and financial advisors when pursuing any of these plans.  The above information is not intended as legal, accounting or other professional advice.  Charitable gifts to Maclay School are tax deductible as allowable by law.  Please contact the Maclay Advancement office at (850)893-8465 for more information. 

    For more information on how you can leave a legacy, contact Carri Smith, Director of Advancement at (850)893-8465 or .