• Mrs. Dianne Johnston
    Welcome to Introduction to Digital Citizenship. 

    This course offers students an understanding of the elements of digital media and the online culture, and the importance of citizenship, copyright, information sharing, and collaborative environments online.  Students will explore in depth important topics such as online bullying/harassment, privacy issues and concerns, and bias in online news providers.  Introduction to Digital Citizenship offer hands-on learning, creative and meaningful projects, and the development of critical thinking skills.  No advanced technology skills are required for this course. 

    Course objectives:

    1.  Students will demonstrates personal responsibility and lifelong learning.

    2.  Students will demonstrate ethical and legal online behavior.
    3.  Students will understand the 9 elements of digital citizenship and be able to articulate opinions on  issues facing the online environment. 

    Some information about me:
    Contact Information
    Phone:  850-894-0816
    Best times to reach me: 7:30-4:00 PM
    Division / Subject  Technology/Introduction to Digital Citzenship  (1st Semester C Block; Library computer lab)
    Coaching Duties  Faculty Liaison/Maclay Equestrian Club
    Other Duties  Library Director, Maclay School
    Teaching Experience  18 years teaching;  Certified in Library/Media and 6-12 Social Studies
    Education  BA, MS, & Specialist Degree from FSU:  Library & Information Studies