Investing in an Independent School Education

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    Paying for a fantastic independent school education can be a difficult decision. It is a significant investment, but an investment in the future.  As the only college preparatory, independent school in Tallahassee, we feel a responsibility to provide a best-in-class 21st Century Independent School education.  Best practices require us to think creatively about infusing 21st Century skills in our Liberal Arts education and ensure our people, programs, and resources are aligned accordingly.  We have been putting these changes in place over the last few years through movement in our curriculum to bring more hands-on learning, application of skills, and stronger ties to talent in Tallahassee through community partnerships. We have increased fourfold college counseling, as well as expanded support for different learning styles, and created meaningful character education programming.

    Many families find immeasurable value in the Maclay School educational experience and how we work in each grade level to make not only great learners but also great people.

  • Maclay School is committed to attracting well-rounded, diverse and motivated students.  Enrollment, we believe, should be open to all families which is why we offer need-based financial aid for grades 1-12.

    One-time $600 enrollment fee for new students entering grades 6-12

    $200 security and facilities fee for all students. One-half of the required 10% deposit is applied to tuition each semester. This is non-refundable.

    • 2020-21 Morning Bus Run Semester Cost $700/$500 ea. additional child, Monthly Cost $140/$100, Daily Pass $15
    • Afternoon care available for grades PreK-5. Grades 6-8 afterschool available at no cost. More information can be found
    • Early Bird Drop-Off for PreK-5 grade is at 7am. Cost is $125 per semester or $5 drop-in.
    • An Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan via direct debit is available through FACTS online payment system.
    • Students in grades 9-12 will be responsible for renting/purchasing their textbooks.
  • Why Consider an Independent School?

    • A larger percentage of students at independent schools are enrolled in advanced courses than in public, parochial, and other private schools.
    • Independent schools have low student-teacher ratios that encourage close connections with students.
    • Independent school students have a greater likelihood of a student completing a bachelor's degree or graduate degree.

    Source: National Association of Independent Schools 

     What Makes Maclay School Different?
    • Tailored curriculum with upper school concentration offerings 
    • High-level experiences, opportunities, and signature programs
    • The unrivaled college counseling program
    • Liberal arts approach emphasizing real-world applications
    • Global alumni network offering support at every life transition
    • Service work that makes a difference
  • "A great school supporting any type of motivated student, from future politician to future artist. This is the type of unconditional support that can only come from the Maclay family." - Jessica Hillis, Class of 2002

    "After 14 years at Maclay, I can only say positive things about the school, faculty, and community. I had personal relationships with many of my teachers, and I was respected as a student. After graduating, I was not only prepared for college but at a more advanced level than many of my peers. I would recommend Maclay to anyone and everyone, and will always be grateful for the education I received. Thank you, Maclay School." - Kolby McWilliams, Class of 2014