• ● All players must wear proper tennis shoes to practice!!!

    ● The Player Information Form and Social Media Permission Form are attached to this memo or may be picked up from Stacey Houston in the Pre K building.

    ● Tennis Dues are $75.00 for both JV Teams and $250.00 for Varsity.

    ● If you are not on the Maclay Tennis group email list please contact Stacey Houston at shouston@maclay.org and make sure both parent(s) and player are on the list.

    Coaches contact information:

    John Vinson (Varsity Head Coach)
    johnvinsontennis@gmail.com 850-524-7430

    Mason Snider (Varsity Asst. Coach)
    amasonsnider@gmail.com 850-264-7878

    Stacey Houston (Tennis Administrator)
    shouston@maclay.org 850-264-2363

    Susan Gray (JV  Head Coach)
    ssgray30@hotmail.com 850-210-6987

    Margaret Farris (MS Head Coach)

    Pre Season Practice Schedules(January 22 - February 10):

    Varsity: Mon (4-6), Tu, Thur and Fri(3:30-5:30), Sat.(TBA) Wed. off

    JV 1: Mon (3:15-5:15) off court conditioning 4:40-5:15, Wed(3:30-5:30)

    JV 2: Mon (3:30-5:30 at Forestmeadows), Wed (2:15-3:30) at Maclay

    ******All coaches may assign challenge matches on Saturdays as needed.*******
    Note: Players are encouraged to play tournaments whenever possible!!! Entries for some nearby events will be sent to all on the Maclay Tennis email list.

    I hope everyone has a healthy and Happy Holiday Season! Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

    Go Maclay!
    Coach John Vinson

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Showing results for "Professor named Smith at Elementary School"