• Click here to be directed to the video and podcast on "Tips for taking the AP Exam" 

  • Welcome to the Maclay Distance Learning Resource Page.  We are committed to providing the best college prep education in the region and as we establish our new on-line platform together, we will use this page as our hub.  On right side of the page you will find Academic resources and links to specific divisions, frequently asked questions, and help videos.  On the right side you will find Connection resources that help support our community connections.  Be sure to check back often as we will continue to update resources and links. 


Distance Learning

  • General Information

    • Lessons, assignments, etc., will continue virtually through Schoology, Office 365 Teams App, PowerPoint, email and other forms of communication based on the individual instructor.
    • Our counselors and health professionals are available as resources between 8:30am-2pm.
    • Please click the link on the right for the Center for Learning hours and information.

    Students are expected to:

    • “Arrive” to class dressed so you can be at your best. No pajamas, tanks, or other distracting atttire.
    • Engage appropriately per your division handbook.
    • Follow student norms (set on mute when not speaking, no bumping people out of the group, etc.) if using video.
    • Participate!
    • Complete assignments by the due date.
    • Abide by the Honor Code.
    • Refrain from using a cell phone during class unless required as part of a class activity.
    • Call into a class using a phone if they are experiencing difficulties connecting to the video portion of Teams.

    Parents are asked to:

    • Create a quiet "learning" space at home for your child.
    • Assist students in the event they have trouble with Office 365 Teams or Schoology (Grades 4-12).
    • The technology department is available at help@maclay.org
  • Online Library Tools

    Click here to access hundreds of downloadable eBooks and audiobooks in our ever-expanding digital collection.  You can also access this collection on phones or tablets using the Sora by Overdrive app.  Access requires your 5-digit student number which is located in PowerSchool.  Contact Mr. Low if you need assistance.

    Getting the App and Logging In

    Click here to see how to check out a book on-line

    Having trouble? Mr. Low is here to help.  Email him at dlow@maclay.org

  • Center for Learning

    The Center for Learning will be operating 8:00am-- 3:30pm (or by appointment) providing meaningful support over the next few weeks. 

    We will be serving our MS and US students during their regularly scheduled blocks (times reflect the 9am-12:30pm schedule) and LS students will be planned around that.

    Contact centerforlearning@maclay.org with questions! 

  • Tech Tools You Need

    All students grades 4-12 are provided Office 365 suite which can be downloaded to up to five personal devices.  This gives students access to Apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams.  Numerous "How To" instructions are available on the Technology webpage under Academics which you can access here.

    The Teams App (part of Office 365) is a virtual chat and conference tool that can be accessed through the Office Suite.  You can also download Microsoft Teams on your mobile phone by going to the App Store.  See the student tutorial videos.

    Your teachers may use additional tools and resources and will provide students with instructions individually.

  • FAQ

    Can I load my school apps on a home computer?  Yes, Office 365 suite is available to all students grades 4-12 once they receive their Maclay email address.  The apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams and can be downloaded on five devices.  Go to www.maclay.org/office for instructions.

    What if I don't have a working device at home?  The Maclay Technology Office does have a supply of loaner devices though limited. Please contact them at help@maclay.org to check availability.

    What if my internet goes down?  If your internet goes down, our internet is likely down.  With all the colleges and schools moving to on-line instruction, we are headed for some unknown territory. Just be sure to communicate with your teacher the best way you can.

  • Video Tutorials for Students

    Click here for a tutorial video for Students - Schoology Conferencing

    Click here for a tutorial video for Students - How to Use the Office 365 Teams App