About Maclay Academics

  • US At Maclay School we believe great teaching and learning is rooted in understanding. Our curriculum design and delivery is focused on developing and deepening student understanding, not only through content mastery, but also through application. The path to understanding is rich and complex requiring that our teachers and students have clarity about the outcome of learning. Maclay School’s curriculum design begins with that end in mind. Our curriculum teams use an approach called Understanding by Design (UbD) to craft learning goals and activities with the goal of understanding. Developed by internationally recognized educators, Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins, Understanding by Design is a deliberate and focused instructional design framework that places the student at the center and provides a clear path to understanding. girl The framework of UbD allows teachers to incorporate best practices in education such as 21st-century learning skills (communication, collaboration, and creativity), inquiry, critical thinking, interdisciplinary connections, and high order questioning techniques. One of the most important elements of UbD is the assessment of understanding through authentic real-world performance tasks where students show what they know and reflect on their learning. The process of curriculum design is ever changing. Instructional teams meet collaboratively to refine learning plans to support the success of all students and select appropriate learning tools and resources based on the latest research in education.