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  • Maclay Academics: Developing the Confidence + Determination to Go Further

    Maclay students become inspired, determined and unstoppable learners by exploring the topics and career paths that spark their interest — all while receiving a creative, grounded liberal arts education that focuses on the real-world application of skills and knowledge.

    This is an environment of high achievers with a shared passion for doing their best; a place where students become adaptable prepared learners who are also engaged, civic-minded leaders.

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    Academics at Maclay

    Throughout all academic levels, Maclay students develop and deepen their knowledge by both mastering and applying what they’ve learned -- a student-centered curriculum approach.

    Our faculty practices a deliberate and focused instructional framework that is designed to cultivate real understanding, not just rote knowledge.

    • Teachers incorporate education-best practices that are active and that cultivate communication, collaboration, creativity, inquiry, critical thinking, interdisciplinary connections, and high-order questioning techniques.
    • Students are assessed through authentic, real-world tasks that give them opportunities to apply their knowledge.
    • Professional Learning Communities collaborate to refine learning plans and select learning tools and resources based on the latest research in education.

    Maclay teaches students to take control of their future as they develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative leadership abilities that will serve them beyond their school years.

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