Welcome to Mr. Schnippert's Page

  • Students: A great deal of the information that you will need to access throughout the year will be accessed via your OneDrive. If you have any questions about how to access this information, please see me.

    The approximate schedule for each class is given to each student in their Unit Plan at the beginning of the unit. Things will change a bit from that, but it will be discussed with them in class. Linked to the left, you will find folders with the unit plan for each course. These unit plans include the essential questions and much more information to guide our learning.

    Some new features have been added to our Office365 accounts, and many of those will supplant the resources that we have used the website to do in the past. We'll go over everything in class to ensure you know how to access these features.

    The student/parent portal is the best way to stay up to date on assignments and grades. Make sure you visit https://school.maclay.org to check for the information there.

    The videos of our class lectures that I save in your OneDrive are designed to be viewed in Windows Media Player, but there are often issues with the files not working. The easiest fix to this is to download a safe, free program called VLC Media Player. To download the software for your computer, visit www.videolan.org. The software is available for all operating systems. While there is a VLC app for iOS, it does not seem to allow you to see the images of the video and leaves them audio only. The VLC app for Android is also available (but I don't have an Android device and can not test if it works).

    TurnItIn Access Data

    PreAP Class ID: 10581204; Password: Schnippert