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Grandparent Day Schedule

8am-9:10am Middle School and Upper School Breakfast in the Webster Center with Grandparents followed by a campus tour led by your student.

9am-10am  PreK 3&4 Musical performance in Cartee Gym.  After performance, guests are invited to join their grandchild at the car show by the BFIC.

11am-12pm  Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Musical performance in Cartee Gym. After performance, guests are invited to join their grandchild at the car show by the BFIC.

1pm-2pm  Grades 3-5 Musical performance in Cartee Gym. After performance, guests are invited to join their grandchild at the car show by the pool and Beck Family Innovation Center.


What if I missed the deadline to register? If you are a grandparent attending PreK-5th grade program, there is no need to register.  If you are attending the Middle School/Upper School (Grades 6-12) breakfast, please email

Can parents attend? This day is custom-made for our special guests.  Due to facility and parking limitations, we ask that only Grandparents or your child's special Grandguests attend unless assistance is needed.  Programs will be live streamed and recorded at for parents to enjoy or sign up to volunteer.

Can I volunteer as a parent?  Yes, click here.

What if you don't have grandparents available to come?  We want every student to have a guest if they would like, so if a grandparent cannot attend, you can register a neighbor, friend, aunt, uncle, or parent as a 'Grandguest' to come. 

Can Grandparents who can't attend watch the Lower School program?  Yes, at

Are there golf carts to assist getting to and from the parking areas?  Yes, there will be two golf carts roaming parking lots to assist.

Where will the Classic Car Show be?  The Car Show will be next to the pool.  They have asked they we don't touch the cars but we can look!

How long is each performance?  Each Lower School performance is about 30 minutes and then guests will exit to the car show for 30 minutes.  Students will return to class after an hour.

How will I be able to meet up with my grandchild after the show? The students will go to a pre-designated area of the gym after the performance. Please remain seated until they are in position, and then you can meet your grandchild and walk to the Car Show or take pictures.

Will there be photos taken? We will have a photo station in Cartee and there will be other photo opportunities outside.

Will my Middle and Upper School grandchild know to meet me at the breakfast?  We will send information  to the students, but it is a good idea for you to touch base with them and make sure they remember to check in at first period and meet you at Webster Gym at 8am or right after.

How long is the Middle/Upper School breakfast?  The breakfast for Middle and Upper School guests starts at 8am.  Once guests are done, students can take their guests around campus and into the classrooms.  Students will need to be back in class by 9:10am.

What if I want to see more of campus?  There will be Student Ambassadors available to give tours.

Where do we park?  If you are attending the Middle and Upper School breakfast and 8am, park at the Webster Gym which means take a right at the T.  If you are attending the Lower School performances, parking is available at the Dining Hall, Cartee Gym, and in front of Lower School.  

Is there a map of campus and parking?  Click here for a parking map. 

How do I enter campus?  You should enter campus off of Maclay Road.

What time should I arrive?  We suggest no more than 30 minutes before the event you are attending so that the guests have a chance to leave and open up parking for the next performance.

Lower School Attire

Lower School students PreK-5 will be preforming on stage.  Please have LS students dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans or khaki bottom. Other options include 50's inspired apparel like poodle skirts and black jackets.