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The MCA (formally MPO) has a new focus – a focus on Connecting our Community – and that means you!  Whether you are new to Maclay or have a senior graduating in 2024, we want to connect you with other parents and families through our on-campus events, socials, and supporting the school’s programs.  We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities, both new and old, and we are excited to get you involved.

It doesn't matter if you have an hour, once a week, or once a month to offer your time, there's a place for you and your family here.

Please join us and get involved!


Maclay Community Association Leadership Board 23-24
Chair: Jennifer Benners
Vice Chair: Carrie McNeill

Jen Benners, MCA Chair

Carrie McNeill, MCA Vice-Chair

Interested in helping lead and organize one of our events in 2023-24?  Click here to let us know. 
Interested in volunteering next year? We'll see you at the Welcome Back Coffee in August with sign-up sheets!

23-24 MCA Events

Fine Arts Support Committee: Do you love the Arts?  The FA Support Committee will help set up and promote concerts and larger school-wide events like the ‘Music on the Plaza’ where we celebrate our artists and their talents.  Various events happen all year, but your commitment can be for one or several events.

Athletics Support Committee: Committee members will help support our athletic teams for special theme nights such as Lower School Night, fill in for concessions from time to time, or volunteer with special events like Ribbon Cuttings for athletic facilities, or field day.

Hospitality Team: The hospitality committee can pull a cheese and cracker tray together with ease and are called upon as meetings, special guests or events come up that are not a typical MCA event.

Career Share: We love our parents to share their professional journey with our students. Sign up for opportunities to come in the classroom to speak with students during the Sophomore Seminar (held at 2pm twice a month) or on Career Day.

Lost and Found: This year long committee is great for the parent who has an hour to spare ever couple of weeks to gather and display lost and found items and return labeled items to classrooms.

MCA’s Dinner on the Grounds: Join the planning of our community dinner and fun evening filled with food, fun, and entertainment.  Committees include tickets and food, setup/décor, entertainment, and activities. 

Grandparents Day:  Our One School event celebrating our wonderful grandparents is one of the favorites on the MCA calendar each year.

Veterans Salute: A One School event celebrating the veterans of our families on November 9th is a Red, White and TrueBlue occasion for all.



Lower School

Special Areas Support Committee: Our Special Area teachers are a great asset to our PreK and Lower School.  The committee will coordinate birthday and holiday appreciation gifts for these special teachers.

School Supply Sale: This small committee serves as a liaison with the School Kits company and LS/MS school to launch and facilitate the annual supply order campaign.  This will start in March and run through May.  Skills would be a detailed organizer working remote.

Donuts for Dads or a Special Friend: Our Donuts for Dads is a special morning and tradition at Maclay. The committee will plan the event several weeks prior that includes ordering, serving, set-up and clean-up.  Chair: Ashleigh Richardson

Daddy (or special guest) Daughter Dance (February 9): A favorite tradition for our daughters and dads or special guests, this committee will start meeting in the late fall. Chair: Tiffany Lee

Muffins for Mom or someone special (May 6): Let's celebrate Mom's and all the wonderful ladies just before Mother's Day with a special morning.  We LOVE to have Dads volunteer to serve too!  

Teacher Appreciation Week: This committee will coordinate food sign up, set-up, serve, and clean-up on the special day that we say Thank you! to our faculty and staff.

Maintenance Team Appreciation Lunch: Our men in blue keep our campus looking great and we want to say thank you!  This small committee will coordinate a lunch for our maintenance team in the fall and the spring.

Parent-in-Residence: The Upper School at Maclay has the unique flexibility to engage our parents is a popular program where they can share their career knowledge.  The PIR instructors teach a class during B days from 1:30-3pm (2/3 times a week for a semester.)

Videography and Photography:   Do you have a business or talent that you would like to share?  Let us know!

Charleston Wrap On-Line Sale: The easiest and most profitable fundraiser for MCA, the Charleston Wrap volunteer serves as a liaison with the company and school to set sale dates and promote the on-line exclusive sale.

Uniform Resale: Who doesn’t love a bargain? The Resale Store just inside the welcome center is a self-serve store (everything’s a $1) and needs love a care throughout the year to process and hang items.  Committee members can set a time to come at their convenience to help intake of items and assist in promotions.

Community Business Partners:  This year, MCA is looking to launch a partnership with Maclay owned businesses by creating a directory.  The skills needed are a great communicator who can input data. 

Parent Education Series: MCA looks to hold topic specific Parent Education Series with expert speakers once a quarter.  What’s your biggest concern as a parent?  Social Media, bullying, anxiety?  Committee members will brainstorm topics, reach out to potential guests speakers, and coordinate dates for the events.

Middle School

8th Grade Spring Breakfast: Get ready to send the 8th graders off to Upper School with a end of the year celebration!

Middle School Academic Testing Treats:  Middle School parents can volunteer to provide or serve treats on special days like Exam Week, PSAT, and SAT.

Middle School Socials: Help out one of the several Middle School Socials during the year, like the Welcome Back social and Winter Social.  Volunteers will help set up, clean up and secure volunteers for decorations, food and drinks.

Spring Dance: The Annual 7th and 8th Grade Spring Dance is an always favorite and one of the last event before heading to Upper School.

Upper School

Upper School Academic Testing Treats:  Upper School parents can volunteer to provide or serve treats on special days like Exam Week, PSAT, and SAT.

Upper School Parent Socials: This committee will help facilitate a social for moms, parents, or families looking to connect with other parents in the Upper School grades.

Senior Mothers Luncheon:  11th grade moms are needed to put together this special and memorable luncheon for our senior mothers in the spring.  The event is typically held off site like Goodwood so planning is mainly décor and special touches.

Our Mission is focused on community, engagement, and connecting families together while supporting the faculty and staff who are educating our children everyday.

For questions, reach out at

Who: All parents and guardians of Maclay students are automatically a member of the MCA. No fees or forms are needed membership.

What: MCA is focused on providing opportunities for all parents and guardians to volunteer and connect with our school community and with each other. 

Why: The partnership between our parents and the School is an essential component to that success.  We also appreciate that our parents want to be a part of our community and have talents and expertise to share.

How: Whether you have an hour a day or once a year, your time is valuable and needed. We want our MCA to be your connection to our campus, our families and our community.