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We welcome you to the MCA where we focus on Connecting our Community – and that means you!  Whether you are new to Maclay or have a senior graduating in 2024, we want to connect you with other parents and families through our on-campus events, socials, and supporting the school’s programs.  We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities, both new and old, and we are excited to get you involved.

Whether you have an hour, once a week, or once a month to offer your time, there's a place for you and your family here.

Please join us and get involved!


Maclay Community Association Leadership Board
Chair: Jennifer Benners
Vice Chair: Carrie McNeill
Volunteer Coordinators: Emillye James and Sara Jacobs
Secretary: Lindsay Conrad
Treasurer: Amanda Barineau
PreK Representative: Adrian Roberts
Lower School Representative: Danielle Buchanan
Middle School Representative: Lisa Jackson
Upper School Representative: Betsy Couch

Jen Benners, MCA Chair

Carrie McNeill, MCA Vice-Chair

MCA Calendar 2023-24

One School Events


  • Grade Level Parent Socials (9-12): Nadia Lunt
  • Business Directory: TBD
  • Career Day (Upper School) November 2
  • Junior Interview Series
  • Parent Education Series

MCA welcomes all parents or a special guests to attend our family events.

If you didn't sign up but are interested in volunteering, click on the chair persons name and email them directly.

Working Committees

Division Events

Quick Clicks

Our Mission is focused on community, engagement, and connecting families together while supporting the faculty and staff who are educating our children everyday.

For questions, reach out at

Who: All parents and guardians of Maclay students are automatically a member of the MCA. No fees or forms are needed membership.

What: MCA is focused on providing opportunities for all parents and guardians to volunteer and connect with our school community and with each other. 

Why: The partnership between our parents and the School is an essential component to that success.  We also appreciate that our parents want to be a part of our community and have talents and expertise to share.

How: Whether you have an hour a day or once a year, your time is valuable and needed. We want our MCA to be your connection to our campus, our families and our community.