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Student Health and Safety

Maclay's Visconti Student Health Center is staffed by dedicated professionals to help provide a safe and healthy environment for our community.

Nancy Anne Teems is Maclay's Director of Health Services and School Nurse. Nancy has her Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Administration from the University of South Alabama; and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University. Nancy has over 21 years experience as a registered nurse. She has worked with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare as the Associate Director of Critical Care, and as the Nurse Manager for the Vogter Neuro ICU and is an accomplished Nurse Leader in our community.  Nancy Anne is assisted by two part-time assistants at the Health Center.


Our safety and security team is present on campus, whether it be at the crosswalk in the morning, in the halls during the day, or helping everyone safely off campus at the end of the day – these professionals put our students and faculty safety as a top priority and make authority approachable and respected.

All visitors must enter Maclay School off of Maclay Road and stop at the Welcome Center during school hours.  Per our safety policies, all visitors will need to provide their drivers license to be scanned by a member of our security team.  Upon entering campus, all visitors must check in at the front office.