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Maclay’s CVC  program is a blend of primarily synchronous (live instruction from real-time class meetings) and asynchronous (teacher directed homework) remote learning with regular modifications to ensure that students are receiving an experience closely aligned with concurrent on-campus experiences.  CVC be limited for the 2021-22 school year and students must meet the pre-determined guidelines listed below.

Lower School CVC

After careful consideration, we have put together a CVC model for the Lower School based on our experiences over the past year and what we believe to be a developmentally appropriate option. This model looks different than it did last year. Please note the following changes: 

  • At this time, we do not plan on offering a bi-monthly opt-in/opt out model. By opting into the CVC model, parents are committing to having their child remain home until he or she had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated.  
  • We will not offer a CVC program for travel or illness. In the event that a student has to quarantine, virtual support will be offered for a period of time each day.  
  • The CVC model is available for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. 
  • Special area classes are not included in the CVC model.  
  • The CVC option has no impact on the mask-preferred classrooms that are in place following the information you submitted in early July. Class lists have been determined and you will be able to view your child’s placement on Wednesday, August 4th.  


  •  8:15 – 2:45(Wednesdays 1:45) Students who are approved for virtual learning are expected to participate in all core subject areas (math, reading, writing, social studies, and science. Daily CVC schedules will vary by grade level.  

DRESS CODE  : Students are required to wear their school uniform. 

SCHOOLOGY: Schoology is Maclay’s Learning Management System. All Lower School families have a Schoology Account. In Schoology you will find class assignments and other necessary information. Students in 4th and 5th grade will use Schoology to upload assignments.  

MATERIALS : You will receive grade-level specific information from your child’s homeroom teacher prior to the start of school.  


  • have a Zoom account and a laptop, desktop or iPad  

  • use a headset with microphone to ensure that they can clearly hear what is happening in the physical classroom and that those in the physical classroom can clearly hear them 
  • be seated at a table or desk and have all their learning materials within reach 
  • limit eating and drinking to scheduled snack time or lunch time (except for a water bottle)  
  • do not invite pets or siblings to participate in learning 
  • be on time and do not leave the meeting until you are dismissed  
  • always have camera on during class  
  • must have his/her name listed as the participant 
  • background environment must be conducive to an academic setting, no distracting images or posters, etc. visible on the screen – must be seated at a desk or table (not in bed, on the couch, etc.) 
  • no disruptive activities (i.e. extended conversations to someone off screen)  
  • behave as if you were physically in the classroom – if you need to leave the screen for any reason, bathroom, etc. notify the teacher before leaving your workspace