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Committed to an Uninterrupted Education

In order to more efficiently and effectively manage individual COVID communication during this period, we have created a notification form for any COVID-related information. This form is in the web form section of your secure FACTS Parent Portal ( ).

Simply login via a web browser or the smartphone app and select Forms, then select Health Center – COVID Tracking – Family. This form will notify the school of any COVID-related symptoms, a positive COVID test, or a known close contact exposure to a COVID-positive person.

The Health Center will routinely review these forms and follow up with additional questions if necessary. You will also be able to return to this form to view updates from the Health Center and to view dates for required quarantine and required masking if applicable for your child.

For Health Center related questions, you can now email  

As of January 4, 2022, for PreK3 and PreK 4:

Due to the drastic increase in local Covid cases and the fact that most of our students are not eligible to be vaccinated, we have decided to temporarily modify our mask policy in Pre-K, requiring all students to wear masks throughout the month of January, at which point we will look at local data and determine the next steps. We are also asking that all parents who enter the Pre-K wear a mask during this same time period.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Safety Protocols

Maclay School is mask optional.  Students who must quarantine should contact their division director for support options.  The following safety precautions remain in place.

  • Hand Hygiene is a priority and stations installed across campus 
  • Regular sanitation throughout student areas 
  • Maximum spacing in classrooms 
  • Maximizing outdoor time when possible 
  • Outdoor Dining options at all grades when possible 
  • Minimizing large gatherings 
  • Controlled mealtime for reduced potential exposure 
  • Upgraded air filtration in all classrooms 
  • Robust Contact Tracing and Quarantining 
  • Fully Vaccinated Individuals have modified quarantine options (see response playbook)
  • Continual partnership with local medical professionals and the Department of Health to keep our protocols up to date