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Committed to an Uninterrupted Education

Safety Protocols

  • On October 13, the Upper School moved to masks recommended indoors.  PreK, LS, and MS policy remains at this time.
  • As of August 8, the opt-out option for indoor masks has been temporarily paused.  A face covering is required indoors.  The opt-out options will be reinstated at a later date.
  • Parents who wish to activate the opt-out option when it becomes available should email their appropriate Dean.
  • Hand Hygiene is a priority and stations installed across campus 
  • Regular sanitation throughout student areas 
  • Maximum spacing in classrooms 
  • Maximizing outdoor time when possible 
  • Outdoor Dining options at all grades when possible 
  • Minimizing large gatherings 
  • Controlled mealtime for reduced potential exposure 
  • Upgraded air filtration in all classrooms 
  • Robust Contact Tracing and Quarantining 
  • Fully Vaccinated Individuals have modified quarantine options (see response playbook)
  • Continual partnership with local medical professionals and the Department of Health to keep our protocols up to date