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A Community of Opportunities

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What will you be at Maclay School? A student-athlete who is also a noted scholar? A community leader who loves to write fiction? An architect who is amazing on the electric guitar? A scientist who enjoys mentoring younger students?  

Here, you can be it all -- because here, you’ll become an unstoppable learner and leader who is part of a community that shares your passion for making an impact and changing the world.

The Latest Virtu Magazine

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Leadership opportunities begin in Lower School with opportunities with Safety Patrol and Student Council all the way through Upper School with clubs, like Dance Marathon or Student Government.


Clubs are a great way to build team building skills, explore new interests, and invest yourself in a passion like the arts or  service to the community.

After School

The Lower School after school activities are offered through Kids Club. Besides after school care, the Kids Club has Enrichment courses filled with fun and activities.