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Swimming at Maclay

The history of the Maclay Swimming and Diving program is one filled with many achievements over the years. Mark Gargiulo took over as coach in 1980. During his 16-year tenure as Head Coach, Gargiulo led the team to 12 City Championships, 17 District titles, and 14 Top-10 finishes at State. Twenty-one swimmers would be named All-American athletes, while the team would see 10 relay squads be named All-American teams. Gargiulo would win Coach of the Year 15 times. In 1984, the men’s 400m freestyle relay (consisting of Sean Culliton, Chris Karp, Rusty Robbins, and Graham Carothers) would win the State title, while the team as a whole placed seventh. Divers Cathy Kelly and Joni Harrison also competed at State that year, placing 14th and 20th respectively. The swim team has been able to remain competitive throughout the program’s entire history, thanks in part to coaches Denny Bunn, Bob Ruth, and Kaitlyn Dressel (who was named Coach of the Year by the Tallahassee Democrat in her second year at Maclay).

Pavel Sankovich
Head Coach, Swimming

2019 Big Bend Coach of the Year
2020 Big Bend Coach of the Year

Asst Coach        Rudo Loock
Asst Coach        Sviatlana Sankovich

M Shield

2024 Marauders

At Maclay Swimming, we develop not only fast and strong swimmers focused on results and achievements, but smart athletes that understand and know how to enjoy the process. We believe that this philosophy can be applied to any area of our lives. If you want to improve something and be great at it, it’s key to do your research and study the subject. The next step is to apply that knowledge without any fear of failure.