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Girls Weightlifting at Maclay

Despite being a relatively new program, the girls’ weightlifting team has had a lot of success since its inception in 2003. In 2006, lifters Lawson Mayfield (183 lb. weight class) and Ashely Hunter (119 lb. weight class) placed 21st and 18th at State respectively. In 2016, lifter Caroline Willis competed at State, achieving a PR of 115 lbs. in the bench press and 120 lbs. in the clean & jerk. A few years later, first-time lifter Addy Lewis placed 4th in the Region.  The team hit new strides in the 2022 season under new coaches and found great success in the 2023 season. The team finished an impressive 4th place in the Olympic competitions at state. Lilly Phipps placed 3rd in Traditional and 5th in Olympic in her weight class. Kate Reichelderfer placed 3rd in Olympic in her weight class, and the reigning State pole vault champion Elizabeth Dowdy picked up two more state titles winning 1st in Olympic and 1st in Traditional in her weight class.

2023 State Champion Olympic and Traditional:  Elizabeth Dowdy

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