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Boys Weightlifting at Maclay

The boys’ weightlifting team began in 1990 under Head Coach John Davies. During the inaugural season, lifter Tom Deison placed 11th at State. Only five years later, the team won all its matches, taking down Oak Hall, PK Younge, Jefferson County, and Taylor County. In 2013, three lifters broke school records: Kirk McGraw (who advanced to State), Gage Howard, and Matt Deal.  In 2023, The boys weightlifting squad had a remarkable season, continuing to build up success for the program as a whole. Shane Croston led the way with a 3rd place medal in Olympic lifting, with Jackson Webb winning the 4th place medal in Olympic lifting and Will O’Connor earning the 6th place medal for Olympic lifting as well. Croston and O’Connor qualified for State for Olympic lifting. Eli Harrell also qualified for State for both Olympic and Traditional lifting

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