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All Middle and Upper School student-athletics must complete the Athletic Clearance process prior to the first day of tryouts/practice.

Maclay Athletics uses the AthleticClearance platform that allows us to organize our schedules, results, and rosters for all of our teams and to also make sure all of our student-athletes have turned in their clearance forms to become athletically eligible.  This is a Two Step process:

The platform is found at and it has a feature that allows you to upload your child's Physical (EL-2 Form) form while also creating their personal Emergency Treatment Authorization. No more lost forms in a backpack or a locker or having to drop them off at school. Just scan and upload (or email ) the Physical from home and you're done! Once these forms are uploaded to the site you will be sent an email letting you know your child is now cleared for sports at Maclay.

The first time you use the Athletic Clearance site you will be "Creating" your child's PROFILE which includes their name, address, email, phone, and date of birth along with Parent Contact Info, but you will only have to do that once. If you have previously created a Profile you will simply be UPDATING it by selecting 2023-24 and also confirming your contact info plus a brief update of your child's medical history.

Physicals are valid for ONE Calendar Year.   If your child's physical is going to expire mid-season, be sure to schedule an appointment ahead.

Click the instructions button below for step-by-step details on setting up a new account or updated your child's account for the 2023-24 school year.  

Questions, contact Associate Athletic Director Mark Maley

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