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Hands In Motion.

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We have a unique blend of traditional and digital media with contemporary art practices and creative problem-solving at its core.Through our Visual Arts, students are encouraged to be aware of and respond to the world around them with their own unique vision.  As a result they develop the confidence to express that vision and strengthen their voice.

In a world of continual change, our visual arts education encourages students to see complex problems from multiple perspectives.  Students graduate with strong critical skills, a developed aesthetic judgment, and the ability to use images and objects to communicate both the practical and the poetic.

Middle School Electives

Exploring Through Studio Arts
Urban And Contemporary Art
Studio Art Immersion Into 3-D Art and Ceramics
Folk, Outsider, And Found Object Art
Launching Into Visual Arts

Middle School Art Curriculum

Upper School Courses

2D Studio Art I 
2D Studio Art II 
AP Art & Design
AP 2D Art and Design
AP 3D Art and Design
AP Drawing
Foundations of Art 
Art Appreciation 
Ceramics/Pottery I 
Ceramics/Pottery II 
Digital Photography 
Graphic Design 
Honors Design Collaboration

Upper School Art Curriculum

Arts and Inspiration Concentration

Lower School

From Pre-School classes where our youngest Marauders build self-esteem to our K-5 students who explore techniques and stretch their creativity, talents are nurtured and unleashed.  

Middle School

At the Middle School level, we build on the elementary foundation introducing students to a wider variety of art experiences. We continue exposure to the masters through art history and are introduced to a variation of mediums allowing for creative talents to excel.

Upper School

The Upper School Visual Arts classes explore the arts through a variety of media with emphasis on aesthetics, creative thought and production, art history, and criticism.