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Find Your Voice Here.


The Performing Arts at Maclay embraces each student’s individual skills and gifts, while simultaneously building community and ensemble.

Students discover their own voice and encourage one another to let their voices be heard as they grow in empathy and perspective.
Our mission is to create opportunities that provide students with a meaningful and positive experience across an array of performance disciplines including, theatre, instrumental music, vocal music and dance, all in an atmosphere where talents are nurtured. The arts at Maclay give students the opportunity to develop techniques for creative expression, and to thrive as creative learners and thinkers in all areas of life.


Upper School Theatre Class
US Theatre Company / International Thespian Society (9-12) 
Middle School Theatre Classes (6-8) 
Middle School Musical Theatre Class (7-8)
Lower School Theatre Classes (3-5)
Lower School Musical Theatre Classes (Pre-K – 2)


Upper School String Orchestra
Upper School Concert Band & Jazz Ensemble
Pep Band (6-12)
Upper School Music Club
Upper School Audio Engineer Club
Upper School Songwriting & Music Production Class

Upper School Popular Music Class
Upper School Vocal Ensemble Class

Middle School String Orchestra
Middle School Band
Middle School Modern Music Production Class
Middle School Music Appreciation 

Lower School General Music Classes (K-5) Lower School String Orchestra (3-5)
Lower School Chorus (3-5) After School
Lower School Marauder Steel Band (3-5) Afterschool 


Maclay Dance Company
Mini Marauder Dance Company (K-5)

Lower School Music

Our vibrant music program is accessible to all students, regardless of experience, ability level, and interests. Our curriculum provides numerous ways for students to create, perform and experience music through a wide array of opportunities. 

Students get to play all varieties of musical instruments from around the world such as djembe drums, ukuleles, and steel pans. Starting in 4th grade, we also begin to delve into the world of digital music and music production.

Our music curriculum begins in the Lower Division, where all students are exposed to weekly instruction. Students will have the opportunity to join the Lower School Chorus and the Marauder Steel (steel drum) ensemble.  These groups meet after school once a week, with performances throughout the year.  

String Orchestra

Learning to play a bowed stringed instrument provides an exceptional avenue for challenge and growth. We believe there are clear connections between music education and classroom performance, improved social skills and greater emotional well being.

Orchestra is offered in all three divisions at Maclay and ranges from beginning to advanced instruction.

Band and Chorus

Band students learn playing fundamentals and basic musicianship.  As they continue their studies, they refine their individual and ensemble playing skills, and further explore the expressive qualities of musical performance.  Students are exposed to a wide variety of band literature throughout their time in band. 

Maclay offers a range of courses from beginning band, chorus, to jazz ensemble.


In the Upper School, students have the opportunity to take a range of courses including Band, String Orchestra, Americana, AP Music Theory, Songwriting and Music Production as well as perform at events like the Prism Concert or other parent events. 

Our vibrant music program is accessible to all students, regardless of experience, ability level, and interests. Our curriculum provides numerous ways for students to create, perform and experience music through a wide array of opportunities. 


Marauder Dance Company is a hybrid Performing Arts and Athletics K-12 team. The MDC is comprised of talented dancers and athletes with a background in competitive dance training that collectively represents more than 5 local studios.  K-5 students are known as MDC, 6-8 students are known as MDC Jr. and 9-12 students are known as MDC Sr.  All dancers are collectively known as the Marauder Dance Company. 

Lower School Theatre

Our lower school theatre program provides students with a dynamic and fun introduction to the world of theatre. Our curriculum is designed to encourage self-expression and cooperation with others, to develop speaking and performance skills, and to build confidence and critical thinking skills. Our Theatre program gives students ways to process and communicate their emotions, personal situations, and questions about our world. All students in grades 3-5 perform in a full-scale Musical Theatre production presented at the end of each year for the entire school community.

Middle and Upper School Theatre

Theatre and Music Theatre is offered as an elective in the Middle and Upper School. Students are given the opportunity to shine through individual projects, school events and school productions. Students engage in project-based work designed to enlighten the creative process all while experiencing self-discovery, expression, communication, confidence, problem solving and empathy. Students may join “Company” and become a member of the International Thespian Society, a student honorary organization that presents quality stage works and competes annually at the Florida State Thespian Festivals.