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Celebration of the Arts Schedule

All Day the Lower School Artome Show will be open in Cartee Gym.

Middle School 8am-8:50am: Guest filmmaker Josh McLawhorn is the director and producer of Unfiltered, a two time Emmy award winning documentary film that explores the oyster’s role both in our world and its own.

PK3-1st 9:00-9:45 2nd-5th 9:45-10:30. Guest folk artist and author Mavis Stevens in the Cartee Gym.  Read more about Mavis below and see the link to purchase her book.  Ms. Stevens will also have a table at the Artome Show and join us at the Block Party.

One School Block Party 12pm-2pm at Frank Shaw Field. Why a block party? A block party is a lively community event where residents come together to celebrate, strengthen bonds, and enjoy shared activities. It promotes unity and camaraderie among neighbors.  

Performing Arts will have the stage at the Block Party. Schedule coming soon.  


LS Assembly with Mavis Stevens, Folk Artist and Author

Renowned folk/fiber artist and now celebrated author Mavis Stevens is coming to Maclay School on March 1 to share literary charm and "trailer park wisdom" during this year's COTA event Block Party. In her debut book, "LAST CHANCE TRAILER PARK," Mavis Stevens brings to life the kind, funny folks she encountered growing up in trailer parks across the South. Transforming them into endearing characters residing in Last Chance Trailer Park, Lucy, the resident manager, leads them with compassion and humor through the quirks of daily life. Each resident is a combination of real-life people Mavis has met and who have had an impact on her life. Mavis, a first-time author and accomplished folk/fiber artist, originally crafted these "residents" as part of her unique art creations. Inspired by stories shared during art festivals, she weaves a heartwarming tale, exploring the profound wisdom found in everyday moments.

The book reading and signing event promises an engaging conversation about "trailer park wisdom," where Mavis will share anecdotes and insights. Fans of heartwarming tales and lovers of stories of community are invited to join the celebration. The event is open to all ages, 6-way up! Mavis Stevens expresses her excitement about the event, stating, “I always get so excited about discussing trailer park wisdom with new friends! And always remember, the worst thing that ever happens to a person usually turns out to be the best." 

Embrace the charm and humor of "LAST CHANCE TRAILER PARK" at Maclay’s “Block Party” and become part of this delightful journey.

You can purchase Mavis Stevens book here!  She will also be at Midtown Reader 3pm-5pm.

Middle School Assembly with Filmmaker Josh McLawhorn

Unfiltered: The Truth About Oysters is Josh’s debut feature-length documentary. A member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Josh’s work as a cinematographer and editor has earned eight Suncoast Emmy Awards. He operates Level Up Digital Media, a firm which produces commercials, corporate and nonprofit films, and television programs.

Josh’s 2014 short film Almost Ready won first place nationwide in Nikon’s Everyday Cinema Contest, and his commercial work has earned several Gold Addy Awards at the Tallahassee chapter of the American Advertising Federation, including a Judge’s Choice Award in 2016, and an FPRA Image Award in 2019.

The topics addressed in Unfiltered: The Truth About Oysters are close to home for the inhabitants of coastal communities around the world, and Josh is no exception. A native of Florida’s panhandle, he grew up eating oysters harvested from the Apalachicola Bay estuary and swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. He hopes Unfiltered: The Truth About Oysters will attract public and political interest to the ecological crisis facing oysters, and help supercharge reef restoration efforts.

One School Art Project

1 School Collaborative Art Project: Join us in a collaborative art project inspired by Louise Nevelson, promoting the building blocks of community. The completed art will be displayed in the Beck Family Art Gallery.

Featured Artist - Louise Nevelson Project, Building Blocks of Community Collaboration: Nevelson Project. Louise Nevelson, a leading sculptor of the twentieth century, pioneered site-specific and installation art with her monochromatic wood sculptures made of box-like structures and nested objects.