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Making Our Mark

The Alumni Association is committed  to assisting students in receiving a Maclay education and supporting future generations of alumni. 

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 “We know streamlining our efforts as a Board to focus on making a long-term impact on a student’s life is important, not just in the short term, but for future Marauders.  The Alumni Board is thrilled to be a part of building a foundation of giving, inspired by our academic home that has provided so much growth and opportunity for all who have set foot on our special campus.” Blake Dowling, Past-President

Making an impact on future MaraudersIn 2019, the Maclay Alumni Association established the Alumni Legacy Endowment. This fund creates a lasting legacy for the Alumni Association in support of the school and future generations of Maclay alumni. This endowed fund assists students with receiving a Maclay education and supports future generations to benefit from the Maclay experience. 

Interested in learning more? Contact Debbie Hurley in Alumni Affairs at

Alumni at golf tournament