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Legacy of Leadership

Leadership Maclay provides a foundation for future potential leadership and service to the School while providing Alumni with a meaningful experience to connect with other alums and engage in the long-term vision for Maclay. 


Leadership Maclay is a great way for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater, the school's mission, and vision for the future.During the two day retreat, selected participants will obtain a behind-the-scenes view of the School, participate in discussions on the internal and external forces that affect the School's direction, and learn about opportunities that lie ahead for Maclay.  Attendees will also participate in discussions with senior school administrators and take part in generative discussions about the future of Maclay. 

Leadership Maclay is made possible through the generous support and partnership of the Maclay School Alumni Association. The purpose of the Association is to help Maclay School improve and grow through the development, maintenance and expansion of relationships among 3,000-plus Alumni and our school community. 

Leadership Maclay I

The 2018 Leadership Maclay Class members: Leslie Frye Allen (1977), Elizabeth Barron (2000), William "Bill" Black (1972), Sherrie Cartee (1979), Charlie Dailey (1985), Blake Dowling (1992), Rosemary Farrell (2000), Jay Foster (1992), Kira Rushing Harper (1985), Scott Jennings (1984), Deryk Jones (1982), Jane Aurell Menton (1982), Blake Miles (1987), Amy Osteryoung (1993), Laura Boyd Pearce (1980), Frances "Fran" Visconti Sandon (1985), Tia Hunt Smith (1994), Katherine Baggett Thornburgh (1997), Julie Miller Torres (1998), and Mayo Woodward (1988). 

Leadership Maclay II

The 2019 Leadership Maclay Class includes Beth Rowe Lewis (1993), Bonnie Johnson Davenport (1998), Brian Pargman (1992), Cecilia Cola McMullian (1988), Charles “Stuart” Haworth (1983), Cory Guzzo (2005), Danya Wilson (1995),  Halley Stephens Van Asten (1990), Jason D. Gassett (1997), Joe Kupiszewski (1987), Katie Copeland Smith (1998), Kimberly Austin Crowell (1999), Mary Byrd Lewis Sims (1986), Mary Jordan Coleman (1990), Mary Katharine Croley Lawler (1998), Michael Jablon (1991), Michael Sheedy (1986), Michelle Fountain (1983), Nat Higdon (1992), Nick Fowler (1985), Niki Cotton Bishop (1984), Patrick E. Hurley (1999), Stefanie Kurgatt (2013), William Fixel (1998), and Wyman Duggan (1987). 

Apply Today for Leadership Maclay III on Feb. 6-7, 2022


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For more information on applying for the next Leadership Maclay, please contact Debbie Hurley in the Alumni Office at