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The Maclay Athletics Hall of Fame has been established to provide a means to recognize the efforts and achievements of various athletes, coaches, teams, and contributors to Maclay School’s athletic program while reinforcing a sense of history and tradition. The Hall of Fame honors those who, by outstanding achievement in athletics or service to Maclay School athletics, have made lasting contributions to the school.

A nomination committee, headed by the Athletic Director and comprised of long-standing members of the Maclay coaching staff, will, to the best of their ability, verify athletic records and narrow down the pool of nominees for the Selection Committee. The Headmaster will approve the nomination list before it goes to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee, headed by the Athletic Director and the Alumni Relations Coordinator, will choose inductees each year.

Who Is Eligible?
Individuals will be considered on the basis of athletic achievement in the Upper Division (grades 9-12) and must HOF have graduated from Maclay at least five years prior to nomination, have a nomination submitted detailing their athletic accomplishments and have positively represented Maclay both as a student and as an alumnus/a. For 2019, alumni from Classes of 2014 or earlier may be nominated.

An athletic team shall be eligible for induction as a unit. The induction of a team shall not prohibit the separate induction of one or more of its members. If a team is inducted, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall select a representative to accept the award. Coaches, administrators and special supporters of Maclay athletics are also eligible for induction if they have nominations submitted on their behalf detailing the special nature of their contributions to Maclay athletics and they have positively represented Maclay for a minimum of five years. Coaches cannot be considered for induction if the nomination is about their ongoing coaching accomplishments at Maclay.

Once nominated, an eligible nominee remains under consideration for five years. Thereafter, re-nomination may occur at any time.