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Reunion Weekend October 15-16

Join us Friday, October 15th on the Maclay Campus for an Alumni Tailgate next to the Webster Center beginning at 5:30pm.  Free food, former teachers and classmates, campus tours, and free admission to the football game.  Then join us at Island Wings at 8:00pm for more fun.

Class of '90
Halley Stephens Van Asten
Sara Knox Merrill

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Class of '91
Susan Duggar Stafford
Tyler VanLeuven

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Class of '95
Courtney Baldock Jordan  

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Class of '80
Sam McMillan 

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Class of '85
Fran Visconti Sandon
Elizabeth Hinson Marschall
Fran Moore Shaw

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Class of '96
Dylan Rivers

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Class of '81
Jennifer Parker LaVia

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Class of  '86
Michael Sheedy 
Dena Sokolow

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Class of  '11
Rainey Lancaster

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