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  • Quick links for each division are located at,, ,  Information such as school supplies, summer work, uniforms (LS/MS), PE uniforms (MS), parking passes (US), and other forms and info are on these links and will be updated over the summer.
  • New Middle School students will be contacted by Dean of Academics, Elizabeth Sheward regarding schedules.
  • New 9th and 10th grade students can make an appointment with Dean of Academics, Angela Croston to discuss course schedules.
  • New 11th and 12th graders will be contacted by Mr. Cave or Mr. Gallina regarding schedules.

2022-23 School Calendar Technology Requirements

Date Time Event Location

Mon.  8/8     

8:30am-10am     New US Student Orientation (Gr. 9-12)     Langford/US
Mon.  8/8  10am-11:30am 6th Grade Family Orientation    Langford/MS
Mon.  8/8  12pm-1pm    New LS Student Orientation (Gr. 1-5)  
New LS Student Meet the Teacher
Mon.  8/8  1pm-2pm       Returning LS Student Meet the Teacher  Langford/LS
Tues.  8/9  12pm-1pm    New MS Student Orientation (Gr. 7-8)    Langford/MS
Tues.  8/9 1:30pm-3pm Returning MS Student meet the teacher   Middle School
Tues.  8/9 5pm-8pm Freshman Academy Orientation    Webster Plaza


PreK 3 & 4, and Kindergarten will have individual appointments with teachers on Monday, August 8th.  Parents will receive an email from their teacher with further details.

Information to Know

Parent and Student Ambassadors are reaching out to you. Students have been paired with hosts in Middle and Upper School. If you have not heard from anyone, please let us know at

We are excited to have you join our family and community.  Below are links and information that will help answer questions you may have but feel free to reach out at with any questions - big or small.


Where do I go?  
Click here for a Campus Map.
When will I find out my child's teacher?  LS class lists will be released by the Friday before school starts. MS students will be invited to get their schedules, lockers, and find out their teachers on the Tuesday before school starts.  US student will receive their schedules in July so they can order books.

What is New Student Orientation?  This meeting is to meet with the Administrators and get a review of the activities, procedures, and provide you with other information.  Ambassadors will be on hand to answer questions and show students where their classes are located.  

How do I find out information and get emails?
The website is your hub for information, specifically the parent tab at the top of the website.  Enews is emailed to parents on Mondays with school wide information.  Emails are sent to the email addresses we have in FACTS. If you have a change of address or email, you can update your profile in your FACTS account. 

What are the drop-off and pick-up times?
Early Bird Drop-off (PreK-5) begins at 7am at the Dining Hall. 
Drop-off for PreK is at the PreK building between 8-8:30am
Drop-off for Lower School is 7:45am-8:10am.  Lower School hours are 8:15am-3:10pm.

Middle School drop-off is 7:45am-8am.   There is no supervision for students before 7:45am. Please do not drop off children unsupervised. Pickup is at 3pm, 2pm Wednesdays, in front of the Middle School. The Middle School Center is open after school until 6pm at no cost.  Middle School hours are 8am-3pm.

Upper School begins at 8am.  Drop off at Webster Center is suggested. Upper School hours are 8am-3pm.

What is Early Dismissal?
Early dismissal is 2pm every Wednesday for all students in order for our teachers to participate in professional development. 

How do I get a car tag?
Car tags are mailed.  Lower School parents will also receive a number to display at pick-up which expedites the process and allows us to call ahead for your child.  Contact Jessica in Admissions with any questions.

Where can I find a school calendar?
The school calendar icon is on the website home page on the top right.

How do I pay for my child's lunch? 
Lunch charges and payments will go through your FACTS family portal.  To view the monthly lunch menu, go to
How do I buy books? 
Only Upper School students need to buy or rent books which is done through eCampus.  Once students receive their schedules mid-July, you can place your order.  eCampus should have your schedule and book list.

How do I contact the Division Office? 
Lower School: 850-668-5103
Middle School: 850-893-4981
Upper School: 850-893-6545


What about Before School and After School Care? 
Maclay offers an Early Bird drop off for PreK-5 beginning at 7am.  After School Kids Club is available from 3pm-6pm.  Level Up Enrichment courses (4-9 weeks) are offered the first Monday of school in August.  Visit the Before and After School page for registration and rates once available.  The Middle School Center is open until 6pm everyday and is free to families.

Where is the Clinic?  The new Maclay Clinic and Student Health Center is located in the center of campus next to the  Upper School and Beck Family Innovation Center. The Clinic phone number is 850-893-5030.

Who do I call if my child is sick and needs to miss school?  Please call your division office (US by 10am) and email your teachers.  

Where do I buy uniforms for my child? The uniform policy is located under your division links in the Parent tab.  Only Lower and Middle School students where uniforms.

  • Lands' End is Maclay School's preferred vendor for Lower and Middle School.  Go to to set up your account, or call 1-800-469-2222 for 24/7 customer service. The Maclay School Code is 900100223.  Once you select your child's grade, the appropriate uniform options are available.
  • Do you have your own items and are looking for a crest to be embroidered?  Contact Rosemary Gray with   
  • Other local vendors who offer embroidery services of the crest include M&M Embroidery and Loli and the Bean. Gently used uniforms ONLY can be placed in the “old” PreK building near the Maclay Road entrance and they will be resold for $1 by the MPO.  The store is open during regular school hours.

Where can I purchase Maclay spirit gear?  
The MPO Store is located in the front office and at the TruBru Store located in the Beck Family Innovation Center.

How do I log into the Parent Grade Portal and see a report card?  
You will receive an email from the IT department about our FACTS Student Information System.

What about technology devices?  
The Lower School 4th and 5th grades are required to have iPads and Middle School through 12th grade must have a laptop.   Click here for the technology page which can also be accessed on the Parent Dashboard.
My child is interested in participating on an athletic team. Where can I find information about this? 
75% of the Upper School students participated in at least one sport last year.  We encourage all students to try one of the 50+ athletic and club teams.  All FHSAA paperwork must be completed before attending a practice or tryout including a physical.  See the link on the Athletics webpage. You can also contact AD Harold Hilliard.

What service clubs and interest-based clubs exist and how do I get my child involved in this? 
Check the announcements for opportunities. Both Middle and Upper School will host a club fair the first month of school.  Announcements are located under the division quick links.  Contact US Dean Heather Bas for more information for visit our Clubs page.