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Prepare to be inspired at Maclay School, where you will discover yourself as you join a community of high achievers and motivating mentors, bright thinkers who share a passion for doing their best. 

Be Inspired

When one door closes, another one opens. When an injury hindered Jay's baseball career, he hit his stride when he found running. With help from his teachers, Jay made a plan for college and beyond. Watch his inspiring story.

Be Inspired

Will was inspired to follow his dreams of sports broadcasting thanks to the support of his mentors on campus.  As a result, he became the Voice of the Marauders. Watch his inspiring story.

Be Inspired

Intending to be the best he can be in all areas of his life, Eljin found support from his teachers and coaches, who taught him the importance of hard work. Watch his story.

Be Inspired

As a longtime member of the band, Eric has stepped into a leadership role as Student Conductor. This role has given him the confidence to succeed in whichever area he decides to study.

Maclay is a place to grow and be challenged; to develop character, compassion, respect, and honor. As a Maclay Student, you will not only become a strong learner, but also a purposeful citizen