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As a Maclay student, you will develop the confidence and determination to go further by exploring the topics and career paths that spark your interest — all while receiving a creative yet grounded liberal arts education that focuses on the real-world application of skills and knowledge.

View our Zoom recording of a previous Upper School Experience to get an overview of the programs, curriculum, and opportunities Maclay Upper School offers.

Be Determined

Ellie and Rachael decided that they wanted to start a newspaper to be able to report on all news in the Upper School. Watch their story to see how they made their dream into reality.


Be Determined

Thanks to her peers and teachers' help, Hannah turned her passion for science into a new way to help people and control her education. Watch her inspiring story.

Be Determined

Avery’s love of Dance Marathon inspired her to lead the event her senior year and witness the impact on both the Maclay and Tallahassee communities. Watch her story here.

Be Determined

With her passion for baking and support from the Maclay community, Ansley Kate took the initiative and started her own business, Heritage Baking Company. Watch this entrepreneur. 

Here, students are at the center of their learning, choosing their direction, and examining their talents.

  • Our tailored curriculum is enhanced by personalized learning paths that help students explore future career options or college majors. 
  • Maclay college counseling is unrivaled -- 100% of graduates are accepted into higher ed, and counselors work with each student to find the right-fit school.
  • Signature programs offer extraordinary experiences that take learning beyond the classroom. 
  • Service-learning gives students hands-on experience in what it means to be a good citizen. 
  • The Center for Learning ensures we are meeting the needs of all learners, regardless of challenges or learning differences.