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Begin Your Journey Here.

  1. Submit the Online Application
    The first step in the enrollment process is to create a portal and fill out the online application, which takes approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Register for an Admissions Assessment
    Applicants in Kindergarten-5th grade will be contacted by the Admission Office to schedule assessment. 6th-12th grade applicants must register for the online Admission Assessment which is used as an evaluation tool. To schedule an assessment, contact Jessica at
  3. Provide Academic History
    Academic history includes transcripts/report cards and test scores for the previous three years and may be uploaded directly to the online application for admission.
  4. Math and English Teacher Recommendations
    Teacher recommendations for grades 6-12 can be emailed directly to the teacher from the online application. Parent and/or personal letter of recommendations are optional and may be uploaded directly to the online application.
  5. Health Forms 
    Required documents include copies of birth certificate, Florida immunization form, and a recent Florida School Health Entry Form (physical) that may be obtained from your child's pediatrician.
  6. Admission Interview                                                                                     Students in grades 6-12 will have a virtual interview with the Director of Admissions.  Lower School parents will meet virtually with the Division Director or Pre-K Director. All interviews are schedule from the online application.  

Maclay School has a rolling admissions process so that families can apply, visit, and test at any time during the school year. Prospective students are offered a place based on availability at the beginning of either the fall or winter semesters.  The Admission team accepts a student based on transcripts, test scores, teacher recommendations, assessment , and interview during their campus visit.  If there are no available spaces in the grade level, the applicant with a completed application is placed in a waiting pool.  The waiting pool applicants are ranked based on the results of their assessment and all the other parts of their application.