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Be Inspired. Be Determined. Be Unstoppable.

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Ready to make your mark?

Maclay School is where students in PreK3-12 set their own paths to success while becoming adaptable, prepared, and creative leaders. Here, we know that when young people are part of a community that believes in their innate potential, nothing can stop them.

We welcome you to discover the Maclay Advantage. Schedule a time for a for a personal tour with our Admissions team.

Are you a rising 9th grader with superior academic aspirations?  The Head of School Scholarship is a merit-based full scholarship awarded annually to two students entering Maclay's Upper School's 9th grade.  To learn more visit the Head of School Scholarship page.

Head of School Scholarship

Meet Santi, the 2021 Head of School Scholar recipient

Pre-K 3 and 4

A memorable, meaningful first school experience.

Lower School

This is where bright thinkers blossom.

Middle School

Preparing young students for the next level of learning.

Upper School

The future begins right here.

“It’s nice being able to learn from teachers who are super passionate and they relay that to you. It’s just in the air and you’re able to feel it” Member of the Class of 2020


Our Voices

What our parents say about Maclay School and the opportunities their children have.

Our Voices

Jay was given the support and guidance from his teachers and mentors to be successful in the classroom and on the track.

Our Voices

Eric followed his passions and was determined to make an impact in his music and in the classroom.

Meet our Admission Team

Michael Obrecht

Michael Obrecht

Director of Admission and Enrollment Management
Garrett Robinson

Garrett Robinson

Assistant Director of Admission and Enrollment Management
Jessica Gonzalez Loumiet

Jessica Gonzalez Loumiet

Senior Associate of Admission and International Enrollment
Kim McWilliams

Kim McWilliams

Director of Marketing and Enrollment Strategies
Roxanne Robinton

Roxanne Robinton

Admission Associate