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Upper School Concentrations

BioMedical Concentration

Man on treadmill

The biomedical track is an innovative, hands-on program of study designed for students who want to design innovative solutions for the health challenges of the 21st century. Students will work through progressively challenging open-ended problems, addressing topics such as clinical medicine, physiology, microbiology, biomedical engineering, and public health.

Computer Science & Engineering Concentration

For students who are interested in Computer Science or Engineering, we have developed the Computer Science and Engineering track that puts them in position to enter college with advanced preparation in the fields of Computer Science and/or Engineering.

Arts, Inspiration, & Design Concentration

The Arts, Inspiration, and Design Concentration has been created for students who wish to showcase their talent, mastery and experience in the visual and creative arts. Students who discover a passion for a specific medium can explore their passion in two categories: 2D Studio Art or 3D Studio Art.

Core Science

For students who desire to pursue a career in a STEM related field, but do not have a specific interest, we have developed the core science track that puts them in a position to enter college with advanced preparation for all of the major fields of science.

Business & Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Business and Entrepreneurial Concentration is designed to help students who have an interest in the business and financial world and who want to gain knowledge on how to successfully become global entrepreneurs and business leaders.