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Junior Interview Series

Maclay helps students excel in the classroom and be prepared to graduate and enter the real world. One of the tools we provide students is confidence - confidence in their ability to communicate and impress.

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A signature of the Maclay Upper School experience is the opportunity for students to participate in the Jeffrey Alan Gabor Jr. Interview Series. This special program supports students as they develop their interview and interpersonal professional skills. Whether they are preparing for a college admissions interview, an internship, a job interview or another opportunity, participation in these mock interviews teaches students all aspects of how to present themselves and engage in a positive manner professionally. 

Maclay Junior Interview Series

The Gabor Junior Interview Series

The Junior Interview Series prepares students for the real-world job interview, fostering well-rounded people skills.

Every spring, 11th graders are required to participate in the Maclay Signature Program: The Gabor Junior Interview Series. The Junior Interview Series pairs real world professionals with Maclay juniors for several mock scholarship or employment interviews. Students receive instruction, training, constructive feedback, and multiple opportunities to showcase and improve their interview skills, all from professionals in our community. From knocking on the door to shaking hands, to eye contact and foot tapping, students learn the proper interview etiquette and hone in on the skills necessary to be successful beyond Maclay. 

Though improving interview skills to get the job or college acceptance is the ultimate goal, students are also exposed to workshops on how to craft resumes and highlight their academic excellence and extracurricular involvement. 

The Junior Interview Series has been endowed and named in honor or Jeffrey Alan Gabor, grandfather to six Maclay students and graduates.  Mr. Gabor was a long time resident of Tallahassee, making indelible marks in the community.  His spirit continues through the generosity and stewardship of his family.